Weird Demotivating Virus

I am sick now. I am suffering from demotivational virus. I need someone who can scold me fierciely, like you do. Huh….

I need about 30 pages of writing, but stagnated. I have no motivation to continue it. I dont know why? Severe ilness..

Strangely, for another article it’s already done…. But somehow for that theme, too difficult for me to start writing it. i got writing block, yeach something like that may be, i am not sure..

Maybe i am tired. Changing writing from one theme to another is not easy in practice for me. My brain need some adjustment. I’m not smart but not stupid, just ordinary person. But i need some kind of chemistry to write a theme. And that chemistry is you maybe, because you’re the one who gave me that theme. You have to take responsibility. You should help me when I’m having trouble, not disappear and avoid me.

Huh, why is this theme not so interesting for me. Some time ago I followed academic writing tips.
and I asked the resource person Prof Zanders for tips on overcoming writing block. She suggest me to take a break for a while, do something fun, ex; sport, cooking, watching film, walking around to get fresh air etc. When rilex will find ideas. Hmmm, how long does this relax take? =( These tips are not working well for me. Do you have any other tips for me?

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