A Wisedom

Life of journey give us  wisdoms.

When we loose something, we will get another thing.

When we finish something, we will meet new begining.

New conditions changes for us to grow up

Cut our bad behaviours,

improve our skills and abilities

adaptation with  life changes

sometimes we should have to wipe many tears with smile

anotherday we almost give up but your intuition refuse it

or say no.. i know you are not like this.. it must not be you..

You that i think,  i’ve understood before..

There is a cost to get something..

Not cheap to achieve something worthy..

Cost of wisedom is not easy, its inexpensive..

I found it on you..

you entered me on it..

God of The Great Almighty..

make balance in everything..

His calculation never be fault..

Only human like grain of dust

So small and powerless..













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